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#02 TIMZ 150
#03 Osam 150
4 Madness 150
5 Darksister 150


iPlay FlyFF is the best F2W(Farm to Win) server based on Singapore with growing Filipino community.


-Added Awake Transfer thru Admins=30 Prepaid Event Coupon
-Added 1 line Awake Augmentation thru Admins=40 Prepaid Event Coupon
-New Player Freebies

✔ 130 Set Armor +10 0/4
✔ Any Weapon of their choice +10 0/10
✔ V15 Accessory of their choice +20
~Only your main account is eligible to claim freebies.
~Your must pm Iplay Flyff facebook page to claim.

~iPlay Raffle Event~

A special event for everyone especially for our newcomers in the server. Maybe you will be one of the lucky winners in our raffle event. Come and join us now!!!

Mechanics: ( For your entry )

1. Post a screenshot of your character in game with #iloveiplay flyff in the comment section.
2. Like and share this event to your friends.
3. You must be online during the draw.

🎁There will be 3 draws/ 3 winnes everyday for 5 consecutive days with different prizes!! 🎁
Note: Major prize will be drawn right after the last draw of our fifth day.
Date: July 12 - 17 (8pm 🇵🇭)

1. Weapon of your choice+10 0/10 20 elements
2. 130 set of your choice
3. Rudolph set
4. Rhisis Ring+20
5. Chaos Ring +20

Major prizes: (only 1 winner)
1. Rhisis fashion set (m/f)
2. Snobell's accessories
3. 100 coupons
👑GM Nikko

⚔ Guild Siege Event(LVL150)⚔ (July 14 2019 / SUNDAY 8-9pm 🇵🇭)
⚠️Rules :
✔-2 Players Per Guild ( No Same Job )
✔- No Donate Items ( Mask / Cloak / Fashion )
✔- No Chaos & Rhisis Rings!
✔- Guild Leader & Defender IN
✔Prizes :
🔱 Crown Guild - 1Set TOB & 1Set SC ( Each Member )
🥇Overall MVP -( Rhisis Champion M/F / Rudolph Set / Snobell Set / Chaos & Rhisis Rings ) of your choice
Only 2 Rounds.🏁

🛒🛒🛒~Iplay GM shop~🛒🛒🛒

A shop filled with random GM's items. You can use Blue/Green/Red Perin, Perin, Coupons, TOB, SC in buying items in the shop. (Depending on the seller's request) The shop will pop out randomly in game. So stay tuned!

Note :(No discount allowed) all the items in the shop are fix.

▪️Possible items in the shop▪️

🔖 Perfect Pet (S/A/B)
🔖 Weapons
🔖 Armor set
🔖 Fashion set
🔖 Accessories
🔖 Coupons
🔖 Augementation
🔖 Transfer Awake
🔖 Premiums
🔖 Flask
🔖 Rhisis fashion set (m/f)
🔖 Card piece
🔖Cloak and Mask
📍I will just put something in the shop which can be use in trading for 📜Augementation and Transfer awake.
👑GM Nikko
*[NEW] Colosseum Hunt*
Colosseum entrance can be found in SM old arena where you can fight alone or in party!
Gather me some (Token of Valor) in exchange for a Token(weapon/armor) of which you can exchange it for weapons, armor, pet and accessories.

1 Token of Weapon ⚔️
✅ 10 sets Blue Token of Valor
✅ 10sets Red Token of Valor
✅ 10sets Yellow Token of Valor
1 Token of Armor 🛡️
✅ 12 sets Blue Token of Valor
✅ 12 sets Red Token of Valor
✅ 12 sets Yellow Token of Valor
1 Token of Pet 🐅
✅ 12 sets Blue Token of Valor
✅ 12 sets Red Token of Valor
✅ 12 sets Yellow Token of Valor
1 Token of Accessories💍
✅ 7 sets Blue Token of Valor
✅ 7 sets Red Token of Valor
✅ 7 sets Yellow Token of Valor

You can exchange your Valors to me in-game.
⚔️ Token of Weapon - Weapon of your choice +10 (0/10) Element +20
🛡️ Token of Armor - 130 set of your Choice +10 (0/4)
🐅 Token of Pet - Pet of your choice (S)
💍 Token of Accessories - Chaos / Rhisis / Rudolph +20
👑GM Nikko

*[NEW] Scavenger's Hunt*

An event were newbies and old players can participate equally. All you need to do is put some hard work and time, and you will be rewarded with many prizes. First to collect all the Quest items listed below will received an additional gift (Perfect Pet & Donator's Set)

Note that reward will varry depending on the difficulty of the quest.

🔸Task numero Uno!
⚔️10 sets of each
🧸 Cat Bell
🧸 Harpy Feather
🧸 Gulla Mud
🧸 Snake tongue
🧧Prize : 200p + 40 coupons + 2 Flask (1d)

🔸Task Numero Dos!
⚔️10 sets of each
🧧Prize : 1set TOB + 200p + 40 coupons + 2 Flask(1d)

🔸Task Numero Tres!
⚔️10 sets of each
🧸Red Crystals
🧸Yellow Crystals
🧸Green Crystals
🧸Blue Crystals
🧧Prize : 1 set TOB & SC + 200p + 60 coupons + 3 Flask(1d)

🔸 Task Numero Kuatro!
⚔️15 sets of each
🧸 Popshift
🧸 Dragon Heart
🧸 Dragon Tooth
🧸 Mysterious Eyeball
🧧 Prize : 2 sets TOB & SC + 200p + 80 coupons + 3 Flask(1d)

🎴If you will pass one of this task to me, you will received something(tokenX) which is a sign of completing the first task!

First to complete all the task and trade all the task tokenX to me and claim your (Donator's set and Perfect pet 13579).

👑GM Nikko

*Level 60 Guild Siege Event by Cookie

-Sunday 8-9pm 6/30/2019
✔-2 Players Per Guild ( No Same Job )
✔- No Donate Items ( Mask / Cloak / Fashion )
✔- No Pets & Buff Pets / Chaos & Rhisis Rings!
✔- Guild Leader & Defender IN


Get a reward every hour by simply playing and staying inside the game .
-Everyday, we will check the number of hours to those players who is/are online.
-You must reach a minimum of 1 hour for you to be considered an "ADIK" player.
-You will recieved a "Token" from us via mail the next day
-Every hour you spent online=1 Token

*TRADE ME* GM Rusty -10set Green Crystals=Almighty/Fierce/Wise Set
-10set Blue Crystals=Any perfect pet of your choice
-10set Blue Crystals=Rudolph Accessory Set Clean
-15set Blue Crystals=Snowbell's Accessory Set Clean

Invite your friends !

Come and Join us now !

Publish Date: 18.02.2019, 21:50 Hours

Open the corresponding forum thread to tell us your opinion: Link.

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